Bringing industry and community colleges together

The Center for a Competitive Workforce is an unprecedented data-driven research collaboration between business and education leaders in the Los Angeles Basin


The Center’s mission is to support bold and far-reaching strategies to most effectively and efficiently equip workers and job-seekers in a rapidly evolving economy.  We do that by using data and industry insights to help shape curriculum and programs offered by training providers and community colleges, to enhance economic vitality in the Los Angeles Basin.

CCW is a collaboration between the LAEDC, the 19 community colleges in the LA Basin, and the Center of Excellence for Labor Market Research. Funding is provided through California’s Strong Workforce Program.

Latest News

CCW driving successful Regional Strong Workforce program in Los Angeles Basin

The LA region has demonstrated that fusing labor market research and reliable occupational forecasting with systematic business engagement of college leadership drives more effective career education programs.

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California blackouts will likely fuel career opportunities in energy storage

The state’s unfolding wildfire and grid blackout emergency is creating a new need for batteries for many residents and businesses, further increasing demand for energy storage, creating middle-skill job openings.

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Fourth “HireLAX” cohort graduates from LA Southwest College

More than 70 percent of graduates have already started their construction careers at LAX or nearby projects. That is the power of industry partnership with our community colleges.

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Industry-College partnerships increasingly valuable source of workers and well-paying careers

Here's a quick list of college-industry partnerships that are driving curricula and program offerings at the 19 LA Basin Community Colleges. List is being updated as we receive input.

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Talent pipelines from community colleges explored in CCW industry councils

Employers have a chance to develop talent with deans from local community colleges at industry council events hosted by LAEDC.  This is part of the value provided by the Center for a Competitive Workforce

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Community college system, students and businesses benefiting from CCW partnership

LAEDC has published a playbook for industry-education partnerships, in the form of a Project Update about the work of Center for a Competitive Workforce (CCW). Get the report here.

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Upcoming Events

Takeda Pharmaceutical Facility Tour

Wednesday, November 6th 2019
10:00am - 2:00pm

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Bioscience Workforce Development Council

Friday, December 6th 2019
10:00am -12:00pm

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Data-Driven Economic Reports

The Center for a Competitive Workforce produces ongoing regional economic outlook reports to better align labor market supply and demand data, support industry-driven career education and workforce development programs, and strengthen industry engagement across the L.A. basin.  The newest reports are at the top of this list:

Summary of Findings

The Center for a Competitive Workforce has published numerous reports defining the forecast for job openings in various industries and occupations in the LA Basin that pay a living wage, are growth occupations with forecasted hiring, and are accessible to people with some college (but less than a bachelor’s degree).  The newest reports are the 2019 update to the Powering Economic Opportunity report, and the three sector scans for Hospitality, Retail, and Transportation/Warehousing/Utilities. All told, CCW has now profiled about 90 occupations in the LA Basin, to help college faculty better understand skills requirements and hiring outlook, help employers find college programs from which to recruit new employees and engage in work-based learning partnerships, and to help students and job seekers select well-paying careers that will have lots of openings. Community colleges in the region offer degree and certificate programs related to these occupations.


Regional community colleges serve 776,000 students


Including 523,000+ career education students


With 200+ career education programs


Across 28 community colleges

Career Pathways

The story below is a sample of how educational pathways lead to careers in the Los Angeles Basin.  Tell us your story!  email [email protected]


A soaring design career, all thanks to a love of theatre arts
  • SCHOOL: Citrus College, Class of 2012
  • PROGRAM: Emerging Theatre Technologies
  • JOB TITLE: Production Designer

J.C. Molina knows how to get a conversation started. As a production designer for films and video, he often incorporates thought provoking and emotionally stirring imagery into his work. One of his most notable collaborations is Beyoncé’s visual album “Lemonade,” which created national buzz in 2016. He has worked on numerous music videos, commercials and films, with artists such as Jay-Z, Zayn Malik, P!nk and the Rolling Stones. Molina grew up in San Jose, Calif., and first attended West Valley College in Northern California, where he was introduced to what would become his passion--technical theatre arts. He later moved to Los Angeles and attended Citrus College where he earned a certificate in emerging theatre technologies. He credits his instructors at Citrus for instilling the hands-on skills he needed to make it as a production designer. “Had I not had classes for rendering and AutoCAD, I wouldn’t know the basics of production design,” he said. “I see a lot of people come out of expensive film schools, and they don’t know how to build anything. A lot of them don’t know about color theory or lighting design. I think I paid a couple thousand dollars for my education.”