Leading industry-education partnerships to strengthen our region’s talent development ecosystem

LA's Center for a Competitive Workforce equips workers and job-seekers in a rapidly evolving economy.

The CCW’s mission is to support bold and far-reaching strategies to most effectively and efficiently equip workers and job-seekers in a rapidly evolving economy.  We directly assist employers and educational faculty with various resources.

How CCW delivers on this mission:

  • 1 – Data-driven research on the supply and demand for talent, to inform faculty, employers and job-seekers about career paths and the changing skills requirements in our fast changing economy.
  • 2 – Industry councils, led by LAEDC, to convene business leaders and faculty, to strengthen relationships and communication, identify trends in skills and competencies, and build efficient talent development programs.
  • 3 – Developing work-based learning opportunities (e.g. internship and apprenticeship) by directly engaging employers, colleges and the entire talent development ecosystem in the region.
  • 4 – CCW Workforce & Education Portal, which creates a regional infrastructure to efficiently connect students, colleges and employers in real time, to share and activate job leads and work-based learning opportunities.

CCW is a collaboration between the LAEDC and the 19 community colleges in the LA Basin. Funding is provided through California’s Strong Workforce Program.

Latest News

Cororavirus fueling online education demand

Community colleges have a tremendous opportunity to enroll new students while the public is at home

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Global Trade & Logistics Regional Advisory Meeting 2/2020

CCW hosted a Regional Industry Advisory meeting on the future of global trade and logistics talent, in a closed meeting for college faculty on Friday, February 21st, 2020

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Video: Renewable energy is influencing workforce, from facility managers to IT careers

Video interview describes how the renewable energy industry is affecting the skills that businesses need and the career opportunities for workers in California and Los Angeles Basin, accessible via community college

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CCW driving successful Regional Strong Workforce program in Los Angeles Basin

The LA region has demonstrated that fusing labor market research and reliable occupational forecasting with systematic business engagement of college leadership drives more effective career education programs.

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New CCW Labor Market Reports: Forty fast-growing LA occupations profiled

LAEDC & Center for Competitive Workforce Forecast over 200,000 Middle-Skill Job Openings in Los Angeles Basin: Labor market reports will guide community college faculty and students in a fast-changing economy

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California blackouts are fueling career opportunities in energy storage

The state’s unfolding wildfire and grid blackout emergency is creating a new need for batteries for many residents and businesses, further increasing demand for energy storage, creating middle-skill job openings.

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Fourth “HireLAX” cohort graduates from LA Southwest College

More than 70 percent of graduates have already started their construction careers at LAX or nearby projects. That is the power of industry partnership with our community colleges.

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Industry-College partnerships increasingly valuable source of workers and well-paying careers

Here's a quick list of college-industry partnerships that are driving curricula and program offerings at the 19 LA Basin Community Colleges. List is being updated as we receive input.

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Talent pipelines from community colleges explored in CCW industry councils

Employers have a chance to develop talent with deans from local community colleges at industry council events hosted by LAEDC.  This is part of the value provided by the Center for a Competitive Workforce

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Community college system, students and businesses benefiting from CCW partnership

LAEDC has published a playbook for industry-education partnerships, in the form of a Project Update about the work of Center for a Competitive Workforce (CCW). Get the report here.

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Upcoming Events View Past Events

Regional Industry Advisory Committee – Phlebotomy

April 17, 2020, from 10:0am - 12:00pm. Topic: Phlebotomy Talent Development. Requires RSVP. Virtual meeting via Zoom

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Regional ICT Industry Advisory Meeting

April 24, 2020, from 10:0am – 12:00pm. Topic: What do employers need in ICT job applicants? Requires RSVP. Virtual meeting via Zoom

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Regional Nursing Advisory Committee

May 8th, 2020, from 10:0am – 12:00pm. Topic: Assoc Nursing Degrees - What do employers Need? Requires RSVP. Virtual meeting via Zoom

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Bioscience Workforce Development Council Meeting

May 15th, 2020, from 10:00am – 12:00pm. RSVP required. Virtual meeting via Zoom.

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Regional Water Industry Advisory Meeting

RESCHEDULING. Topic: Talent Needs in Water Occupations Requires RSVP Contact us if interested

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Partner with CCW to access talent pipelines with community colleges in the region.

  • Upskill or retrain your existing employees by connecting with CCW.
  • Develop internship and apprenticeship pipelines to access aspiring talent, many of whom will become great employees.
  • Engage with college faculty so they can modify their programs and curricula to teach the technology and skills you require in your workplace.
  • Use the CCW Portal to find candidates, partnering opportunities with local colleges, and post open positions and work-based learning opportunities.

Faculty and Workforce Dev Pros:

CCW improves the placement of your students and job-seekers into work-based learning and well-paying careers, and CCW helps you adapt programs to the changing needs of employers.

  • Learn details of occupations that are in-demand, pay well, and align with your programs, in our reports.  Give students and faculty insights on skills that are needed and career prospects.
  • Develop relationships with employers at industry council events hosted by LAEDC, to create internship or apprenticeship pipelines and place people into well-paying careers
  • Establish faculty externships in various industries to ensure your programs are adapting to future-forward skills and competencies.
  • Use the CCW Portal to engage with employers see what work-based learning opportunities are there, and connect your students or job seekers there.

Leaders and Interested Public:

Learn how CCW’s model of industry-education engagement is driving better opportunity for the people in the LA County region, and find ways to engage to assist progress.

  • See how the Strong Workforce initiative is delivering improvements in California Community Colleges, via CCW.
  • Learn which jobs have great career paths, with strong hiring prospects and career ladders.
  • Share our information with others, so we can together create more successful talent development systems in the LA Basin, that sustain families with good jobs, and solve talent gaps employers face.